The Future is Female…A powerful statement that stopped the RRR Network in its tracks when it met Marnie LeFevre from Fempire and has now turned into a beautiful partnership to further support West Australian RRR women.

A little about Marnie

Marnie is the CEO and Founder of Fempire, a successful entrepreneur – self-directed, internationally acclaimed, successful businesswoman, who has made it her mission to assist and support other female entrepreneurs on their individual and diverse journeys towards success.

Marnie founded and structured Fempire to provide the focal point for the rapidly growing numbers of female entrepreneurs needing and wanting easy and timely access to professional support from a sisterhood of experienced female entrepreneurs and expert coaches.

According to Marnie, the rapid growth of Fempire is hardly a surprise given the rise of ambitious, but sometimes tentative, female entrepreneurs wanting to do business their own way. Women who are looking for the kind of support, coaching and training that builds on women’s strengths and interests, rather than insisting they conform to long established business systems and cultures that may fail to serve them well.

On her own journey to success, Marnie’s experience in marketing and business development saw her working for entrepreneurial heavyweights like Virgin founder, Richard Branson, and renowned conglomerates like British Telecom. She has also lived, worked, or studied in countries as diverse as Japan, United States, Australia and South Korea, forging a unique pathway that opened a wealth of possibilities.

Marnie went on to own several local and global businesses, all while raising two children with her husband, Curtis. She has an incredible relationship with her kids despite the fact that she was a working mother, proving that you can have it all so long as you have the right support systems around you and you don’t buy into the outdated belief that women need to sacrifice their dreams, goals and ambition to raise a family.

And finally, Marnie began her career in Esperance and later moved to work in Bunbury. She has experienced life as a RRR woman and has an understanding of some of the challenges women face living and working in RRR communities. This is one of the reasons she is so passionate about supporting the RRR Network and the women within our network who own or run a business and could use some help with things like marketing, social media, networking, sales and  business mindset for women.

And now a little about Fempire

Fempire believes empowered women will lead the change we desperately need to see in the world. They believe the future is female. Their mission is to empower women to become leaders who inspire through grace, communication, compassion and courage and have built a coaching community for women entrepreneurs to ensure they receive the support they need to build profitable, sustainable businesses that make a difference.

Fempire is a female focused brand and makes no apology for it and we love that!

To learn more about Fempire and how they support women in business visit their website

So how did Fempire and the RRR Network hook-up?

Marnie and our CEO, Kendall Galbraith met through the Network – of course! You know how it goes, one woman says to another “Hey you really should speak to so and so” and they say “Good idea, pass on my details” and the rest is history… well there was a lot more to it than that but you get the picture.

They both believe there is no limit to what women can achieve when they work together, so Fempire partnering with the RRR Network, whose sole mission is to support the social and economic wellbeing of RRR women, made perfect sense. Read Fempire’s thoughts on our partnership.

They determined that if Fempire and RRR worked together, with one sharing its resources and the other its membership, they could deliver critical business learnings to aspiring female entrepreneurs and women who already run businesses out in the regions. The type of learnings and support that aren’t easily accessed without regularly travelling to Perth.

The partnership between the RRR Network of WA and Fempire will allow RRR Network members to access selected Fempire online courses through their RRR membership and expand their learnings on business, marketing, social media, planning and more. The content will be gradually released over a number of months to inspire regular check-ins and I’m excited to say we’re starting with How to Market your Business Online and Offline. See what’s on offer here.

Marnie is also personally supporting the RRR Network in stepping up its marketing, branding and its offerings to ensuring our communications resonate with all of our members and inspire leadership in the regions.

We are very thankful for the support of Marnie and Fempire in making the RRR Network that little bit more special.

So, if you’re not a member yet, join us and instantly enjoy all the benefits becoming a RRR member affords, including the Fempire courses.