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The Women’s Voices project led by the Department of Communities (DoC) to address gender inequality in Western Australia presented an invaluable opportunity for the Rural Regional Remote Women’s Network of WA (RRR Network) to engage with the women who make up our network.
The RRR Network would like to recognise and thank the DoC for the funding received. Their financial support allowed for a comprehensive overview to be conducted in the WA regions. 

 Women’s Voices Report

Submission National Enquiry Sexual HARASSMENT IN THE WORK PLACE – OCTOBER 2019

Over the last 21 years, the Rural, Regional and Remote Women’s Network of Western Australia (RRR) has been committed to connecting, and advocating for, Western Australian women. The RRR Network provides an invaluable, trusted avenue resource to collect  and understand the intimate and emotionally challenging views and experiences of Western Australian women for this National Enquiry.

 Submission National Enquiry Sexual Harassment 

Ministerial Round Table on Women Statement – 09/06/2020

For those not familiar with the RRR Network of WA – here is a quick summary.

From 1996 until 2016 the RRR Network existed as a Ministerial Reference Group. For 20 years the RRR Reference Group provided advice and feedback to both the Minister for Agriculture and the Minister for Regional Development on issues impacting women and their communities in rural and regional WA.

Ministerial Round Table on Women WA Recovery Plan[1]

Women in Australia

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Our Purpose & Vision

Our Purpose is to actively engage with rural, regional and remote women to support and contribute to the economic and social well-being of their communities.

Our vision is to engage, influence and develop a strong, connected and influential network of rural, regional and remote women to create better outcomes for rural, regional and remote Western Australia.




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