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About Us
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Since 1996

Engaging, Influencing and Developing Rural, Regional and Remote Women in Western Australia.

Our History

The RRR Network started out as a magazine to connect women from all parts of Western Australia no matter how remote and share their stories and experiences.

The Network later became part of Government serving as a ministerial advisory panel for issues related to rural, regional and remote women.

In 2016 the RRR Network gained independence with the support of Royalties for Regions. The RRR Network is made up of financial members as well as a large network of newsletter subscribers and social media followers. We operate with two staff members and a volunteer board. 

Women in Australia

Women in Western Australia


What Drives Us

Our Purpose & Vision

Our Purpose is to actively engage with rural, regional and remote women to support and contribute to the economic and social well-being of their communities.

Our vision is to engage, influence and develop a strong, connected and influential network of rural, regional and remote women to create better outcomes for rural, regional and remote Western Australia.

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