RRR Network

Our Purpose 

To actively engage with rural, regional and remote women to support and contribute to the economic and social wellbeing of their communities. 


Our Vision 

A strong, connected and influential network of rural, regional and remote women.  

Our Commitment

Engage- We work to embrace, engage, and empower WA Women to strengthen their communities.

Influence- We build awareness and lead with power and pride to grow a network of connected, strong, influential women. 

Development- We invest, enable and promote rural, regional and remote women to thrive and/or reach their potential. 


Our Values



– Courageous



Our Differentiation

-Progressive Organisation 

-Accessible and understand needs 

-Ability to influence 

-Flexibility and agility 

-Partnering Approach

-Diverse membership base 


Our network is made up of financial members as well as a large network of newsletter subscribers and social media followers.  Join us 

The organisation is managed by a CEO and a small team of staff and governed by a board of directors. 

RRR Network Constitution (2018)