Trigger warning: This story mentions suicide & mental health.

The Blue Tree Project was founded in 2019 after Kendall’s brother Jayden took his own life. The Project uses the beacons of the Blue Tree to draw attention to mental health, with Kendall using the tag “It is ok to not be ok”. Encouraging people to speak up when battling with mental health concerns. 

The Blue Tree Project is one that many of you might be familiar with. Over the last two years, Founder and CEO Kendall Whyte says, “I can’t believe what we have been able to achieve since our beginnings in 2019”. We at the RRR can say there are not many road trips where we don’t catch a glimpse of a Blue Tree. No matter where we travel in the state, we seem to come across these striking visual reminders. 

Kendall can’t believe how many people have jumped on board to support the Project. “We have so many impact stories and beautiful photos accumulating in our database – it’s unbelievable how many people have been touched by suicide”. Kendall and her team are excited for 2021 with various public events where the team plan to get to as many parts of WA as possible and are hopeful of reaching the East Coast too (Covid permitting).

One of their headline events will be the Dowerin Field Days, where the Project will have a major site activation that includes painting a tree blue in the centre of the grounds. There will also be a chill-out zone for people to have a moment to relax during the busy day. 

The Project also hopes to facilitate and get involved with providing more Mental Health First Aid workshops to more Western Australians. “I completed the workshop, and it just reiterated my passion and purpose within the project”. Kendall wishes for all people to complete the workshop to be successful as a leader and in everyday life. 

The Blue Tree Project has expanded in 2021, with a team member added to give Kendall time to focus on curating and planning for the Project’s bigger picture. 

As Kendall looks forward to the future of the Project, she says, “It is time to focus on our big goal or outcome of the project”. The Blue Tree Project will continue to develop and grow as an organisation. With the future of the project top secret, it will be exciting to see what happens next.  

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