Written by Daphne White, The Orange Story

Kalgoorlie Boulder is promoted as a place rich in opportunities to live and work, and Gloria Moyle, CEO of the Goldfields Women’s Health Care Centre (GWHCC) could not agree more. She is very excited after her small but innovative health and wellbeing service won the Team Engagement and Workplace Culture award at the recent Kalgoorlie Boulder Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (KBCCI) Goldfields Business Awards.

We can all agree that it’s been a very different and challenging year, but Gloria has positive thinking and believes that trying times can actually expose many strengths within an organisation. In particular, with having to innovate with services to meet need and around teams and support for each other. I caught up with Gloria recently in Perth, and had a chat to her on her thoughts about the award her team won and her new service in the Kambalda community.

The popular GWHCC was nominated by their community for two different awards – which they didn’t win. However, they ended up receiving the Team Engagement and Workplace Culture instead, a surprise to all of them. “We were the second last award, it was a very long night with 93 people nominated for various things,” says Gloria. “We were all ecstatic and very excited.”

“I am very fortunate to have such a diverse and inclusive team. They should be very proud of themselves. Team engagement and workplace culture is something that we all pride ourselves in and provide genuine support for each other,” she says.

This year the awards looked a little different with a focus away from judging on the traditional business plan and financials to more about resilience during the COVID-19 period and how organisations adapted and met the need. It was actually the GWHCC ‘no wrong door’ policy that saw them nominated for the award. “We had a no wrong door policy at the time of COVID-19 when everyone was locked down. We were one of a few services that remained open for face to face services. We saw men, women – everybody,” says Gloria. “We were able to support everyone in some way.”

“I believe that it was somebody who came to us and wasn’t turned away – even though we couldn’t help them – but we tried to get them where they needed to be for help. That resulted in our service being nominated to the Chamber of Commerce,” she says.

Gloria stated that being out and about in community is important, to be seen and engaging with locals. She believes this also contributed to their nomination. “I think we won because one thing we do well is our community engagement but also, we are quite entrenched as we have been in the Goldfields community for over 38 years,” she says. “This year particularly, after the short period of lock down, we have been trying to go back out in the community and ensure that community know that we are there.”

The GWHCC is still going strong and meeting community need. They continue to provide essential primary health services and counselling to women in the region. Since the COVID-19 lock down, a few new services have emerged as a result, including an expansion of their counselling services to Kambalda. “We have gone into outreach and formed a partnership with the Shire of Coolgardie, to deliver fortnightly counselling services to women in Kambalda,” she says.

“Our experienced female counsellors help women with issues such as mental health, relationship, grief and loss, post-traumatic stress, childhood trauma, self-esteem and post-natal depression in a safe and non-judgemental way,” said Gloria. “We’re thrilled to extend our services to the Kambalda community.”

Next year the GWHCC will be monitoring their new services and creating new programs, and Gloria is looking forward to 2021 and knows her team will work hard. “I feel that I have the best team in the world because we get a lot of work and I am very fortunate and love the job that I have and the work that we do,” she says.

For further information about the GWHCC contact Gloria Moyle, CEO on (08) 9021 8266 or email her at ceo@gwhcc.org.au