Happy National #AgDayAU. This year is all about celebrating the fabulous and fulfilling career opportunities on offer in agriculture. It’s time to choose your #AgVenture

So we thought we would release a special episode as part of our RRR Network Series ‘Road to Recovery’ with Tom Curnow (T @TomCurnow10) and Riley Curnow (T: @RileyCurnow), for those of you that aren’t familiar with the Esperance Fires of 2015, The Boys along with their Mum and Sister Emma lost their Dad in the Fires. Kym “Freddie” Curnow was a well known and successful farmer from Scaddan farmer and during this episode we talk to the boys about their experience, making it out the other side and what they have done since the fires, expanding their farming business epically since then.

This episode, Lavinia a close friend of the boys asks the hard hitting questions, the boys open up and talk about moments before, after and during the fires and dealing with it all to this day. The fires also saw the loss of the lives of farmhands Thomas Butcher, Anna Winther and Julia Kohrs-Lichte. You can read more on the fires here.

This episode is dedicated to Kym “Freddie” Curnow, a man that everyone has a fond memory of, and who would be extremely proud of where the boys are today.