RRR Network Research and Reports

COVID-19 Survey Report

The aim of the RRR Ready & COVID-19 survey was two-fold. First to connect and support our historic Network in what has been and remains a challenging and stressful time. Second to understand regional work force potential if stimulus activities are rolled out across the WA regions.

RRR Network Annual Report 2018/19

Rural Regional Remote Women’s Network of WA annual report for 2018/19.

Submission to the National Enquiry into Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Over the last 21 years, the Rural, Regional and Remote Women’s Network of Western Australia (RRR) has been committed to connecting, and advocating for, Western Australian women. The RRR Network provides an invaluable, trusted avenue resource to collect and understand the intimate and emotionally challenging views and experiences of Western Australian women for this National Enquiry

Women’s Voices Regional Report

The Women’s Voices project led by the Department of Communities (DoC) to address gender inequality in Western Australia presented an invaluable opportunity for the Rural Regional Remote Women’s Network of WA (RRR Network) to engage with the women who make up our network. August 2019

migrant Report

Report on the availability of a humanitarian migrant workforce for regional Western Australia prepared for the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development. 

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