Maddie Duke is a Community Manager for QUIIP, Australia’s leading social media and online community management specialists. Each year, Quiip undertakes a number of “Pro-bono Purpose Projects” (PPP), providing marketing and social media consulting services to non-profit and purpose-driven organisations who could use a helping hand. RRR Network was selected to be a recipient of a PPP in 2020, partnering with Maddie to collaborate on a social media strategy and on communications around our newly restructured membership offer.

Maddie shares her story with us, highlighting some of her thoughts on remote work, working with Quiip, and partnering with RRR Network for a Quiip PPP.


Originally from Naarm/Melbourne, I studied Arts and Business at Monash University and then had a six year stint in strategic product marketing and events before taking a leap and moving to Germany at the end of 2016, something I’d always had a desire to do after studying German language. Settling in Berlin, I’ve gradually built a life for myself here. I’m self-employed in marketing, I’m a musician, and I joined Quiip in 2019 as a remote Community Manager, helping the team to cover after hours client work. I still call Australia home, but I have no plans to move back permanently at this stage.


I never set out to work remotely, as I never really saw it as a possibility for me. It’s really just been the result of a few opportunities that eventually came my way after years of working in corporate office environments – my first contract once I moved to Berlin was a remote job for a company based in England, and suddenly remote work was not only possible but a reality! While living in a foreign country comes with its struggles, living in Europe has also opened up some pathways that I don’t think I’d have seen if I’d stayed in Melbourne. I was already self-employed when I joined the team at Quiip, which worked out perfectly, as the whole team is fully distributed, working across five different time zones, so my work with Quiip fit in perfectly with my lifestyle.


There is no question that working remotely can be isolating, as many others have discovered this year working from home as a result of covid-19 restrictions. I’m a very social person and I respond to the energy of the people around me, so at times it’s definitely a struggle to work alone. I’ve had to learn to be self-motivated, and to be proactive about socialising and networking.

On the other hand, it’s allowed me to enjoy a huge range of perks, like travelling while working, and having the flexibility to work around music rehearsals and life’s other demands.

Working with Quiip has made remote work significantly more enjoyable. Quiip has been a fully distributed team from day dot, 10 years ago. The management team leads by example, creating a fun and engaged online team culture that promotes collaborative discussions across countries and time zones, and allowing for dedicated social interactions as well. I feel at home with Quiip and working with my fellow Quiipees has made remote working a lot less lonely, even though I’m yet to meet any of my colleagues IRL!


Aside from being Australia’s leading community management agency, expertly helping clients to maximise engagement and minimise risk in owned communities, Quiip is a purpose-driven company that sets out to do business for good. As a CERTIFIED B CORP, we’ve committed to a number of goals and initiatives that give back to the community, the Pro-bono Purpose Projects being just one of these. I’m proud to work for a company that donates a percentage of profits to a range of charitable organisations, and that cares so much for its people and truly lives up to its values.


I worked with RRR Network CEO Kendall Galbraith across a number of weeks, providing a blend of consulting and copywriting services. In our 16 total hours together, we looked into how RRR could optimise their existing social media channels and how to plan and manage content in a way that would be time-efficient and engaging. We collaborated on a social media strategy and a planning tool that can be used by the team and further developed as RRR grows and changes. I advised on communications around the new memberships and helped with a corporate flyer. It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with RRR Network and gain some insight into the work that’s being done for the rural, regional and remote women of Western Australia.

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