Ann Maree O’Callaghan and Maree Gooch started Value Creators to develop the ideal environment for individuals to discover their successful future. The organisation focuses on creating value for people, their organisations, and industry sectors. Through people, business and industry, the team development programs make the dynamic environment to enable clients to discover, accomplish and embed lessons learnt for a successful future.

Ann Maree is a skilled business consultant, facilitator, mentor and stakeholder engagement professional. Having specialised in strategic planning and business development and people development and working in the RRR regions, she is constantly at the interface of assisting people, communities, industry and businesses to prosper. Maree is an engaging and successful entrepreneur, mentor and long-time educator with more than three decades of experience spanning people development and business transformation coupled with working with and advising government agencies. She is an experienced facilitator and is passionate about working with business managers and organisations seeking transformational change for growth, future planning and implementing successful change management.

The pair is extremely excited to be facilitating a two-day Women’s STEM JumpStart project in Mandurah where young regional women between 18 and 35 will have the ability to propel themselves into a brilliant STEM career. The program’s focus is to draw a spotlight on all the STEM opportunities out there, including agtech and agriculture, food production, research, natural resources, environmental science, information/digital technology and more.

Value Creators co-director Ann Maree O’Callaghan said, “The program will give women the confidence to launch and propel their STEM career and take-up STEM opportunities,” Ms O’Callaghan also stated that the program would deliver foundational skills and grassroots capacity building for young regional women to jumpstart their career in STEM.

Hopeful of gaining a group of like-minded young women, Value Creators have partnered with our Network for this specialised program. The program will focus on growing the confidence, mindset, and resilience you need to thrive. The Value Creators team will mentor the women on their communication and leadership skills to confidently stand up in any context situation, be it negotiation or networking or financial and change management.

Value Creators co-director Maree Gooch said they were proud to be partnering with the RRR Network as it had a well-respected brand. “We recognise that the brand of the RRR Network is very well regarded and is recognised as being a part of good, reputable and meaningful projects,” Ms Gooch said.

This program was made possible by funding from the Office for Women, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. Value Creators are excited to help fast track female-led STEM opportunities by instilling the confidence to jumpstart their career or begin a new job venture.

Value Creators are passionate about helping people discover their pathway to success plus ultimately learning a level of accomplishment beyond their expectations. They also want to help you reach your new horizon and go beyond as we know how important it is for capable people to develop a high capacity to help reach their potential.


Program Details

Dates: December 9 and 10, 2021


Time: 8.30am – 5.00pm

Venue: Make Place, 17/ 38 Mandurah Terrace, Mandurah

Cost: FREE (valued at $5,000 per person)

Catering: Provided REGISTRATION

Accommodation: Please contact us if you require accommodation

What to bring: Yourself and a read-to-learn attitude

You can learn more about the program by visiting