Molly Fuge is a Full time permanent Farm Hand (Central NSW) she has been with Lawson Grains since she started as a Casual employee in Feb 2018.

Molly was born and bred in Forbes. Being raised on the farm, she was always surrounded by horses, sheep, and big machinery. Molly believes that her passion for the Agricultural Industry started on the family farm at Lake Cowal, Central NSW. She knew that she wanted to do it as a career but did not know what pathway to go down.

Molly graduated from High School in 2014, working for a Showjumping team as a Groom for three months. She visited all the Ag Shows in QLD, starting at Goondiwindi and making her way to Cairns and back. Once that finished, she moved to Dubbo to be another groom for another team before in 2016 is where she started her career in the grains industry at East Coast Stockfeeds at the Billimari and Gooloogong sites. Molly stated she decided that I wanted to move back home, and that’s when I started at Lawson Grains in 2017.

Molly said, “Once the headers and spray rigs caught my eye, I knew that is what I wanted to do.” It then became clear that the broadacre industry was what Molly wanted to do and learn how they operate.

Working with Lawson Grains has provided Molly with opportunities to work with the latest technology, allowing her to develop my skills. When Molly started at Lawson Grains, she had a basic understanding of how a broadacre farm operates. From operating machinery to the science behind everything.

Molly also said, “The training and support from the company have provided me with the confidence to work in a male-dominated industry and enjoy my work.”

Being a woman in the Agricultural Industry, Molly feels that she works in a good gender diverse team. Saying, “Males and females complement each other, and that is what the industry needs.”   

Molly loves being a rural woman stating, “Being an ambassador for all the women working in the Agricultural Industry and demonstrating there is no failure in trying and stepping outside of your comfort zone.” 

One of the biggest challenges that Molly has faced being in the Agricultural Industry is physical strength. Molly says, “It is one of my weaknesses, and that’s something I’ve been working on. I certainly have grown as a person since I started”.

Molly’s hope for Rural Women in Agriculture’s future is to encourage more women into the industry. “You are helping them create pathways to give them the confidence to pursue a career in the agricultural sector without constantly feeling that they must prove themselves.”