By Marnie LeFevre

Starting a business is scary. I think that is something that we – as businesswomen – can all agree on.

But that journey becomes a lot less intimidating when you have someone who is willing to walk beside you. A woman that you can look up to and trust. Someone who has an intimate understanding of what it takes to launch a successful start-up, grow a business, and scale a company all while managing the demands of a family and other obligations that traditionally fall to women.

And you could be that woman, that inspiration for the people around you.

More and more women around Australia are stepping up to become leaders in their communities and we want to see this in our regional communities too.

Women are the backbone of our rural and remote Australian communities, but there are few opportunities to become business leaders due to the lack of nearby trainings, resources, and so on.

Which is why becoming a business coach can be such a great option for women who want to become leaders in their communities.

It’s your business so everything is done on your own terms – plus a lot of your daily activities and coaching can be done online or over Zoom (you gotta love the internet!).

So What’s Stopping You? A Support System You Can Count On

The guidance and support of a great business mentor or coach – someone who understands the struggle and can help guide you through the ups and downs –  is one of the most invaluable assets any business owner can have.

And if you know anything about Fempire, you know that this is a statement we whole-heartedly agree with.

In fact, it’s what inspired me to launch Fempire years ago…

At Fempire we are dedicated to empowering women to become powerful business coaches and leaders for women.

But I know we can do more.

Which is why we’ve changed the game…

We are now opening up applications to become Fempire Certified Business Coaches.

So what does that mean and why should you care?

Well, it means that you can now build or grow your own business coaching business, and feel confident that you have the proven coaching curriculum, support and resources of a well-established, global coaching brand – Fempire!

Fempire’s certification program is for women looking to start a coaching business or,

if you’re an expert in your business, and find yourself constantly giving business advice to your clients, you may want to consider adding a business coaching offering to your services.

As a Fempire Certified Coach you will have access to:

  • A complete business coaching curriculum,
  • proven growth strategies,
  • a coaching model (plus pricing!),
  • easy to deliver training and content,
  • Your own coach and mentor
  • passive income streams,
  • and ongoing training and support.

Plus the most important thing of all – a sisterhood of kick-ass coaches so you never feel alone as a coach, or a woman in business again.

We’re making the business of business coaching easy, so that women who don’t want to do it alone can now feel confident stepping into coaching.

You can learn more about our certification program and book a call to chat with me about the opportunity here

It’s Time to Step Up and Take the Lead

We need more female business coaches in our regional, remote and rural communities, and we want to help support women as they build their coaching business and their confidence as a leader.

We believe that our Fempire Certified Coaching program will help deliver vital training and support to new and current coaches in rural, regional and remote areas – trainings which they would otherwise find difficult to access without regularly travelling back and forth from Perth.

So if you want to become a coach and a business leader in your community, please get in touch.

We’re here to support you as you build your coaching dream xx

Head to to learn more about becoming a Fempire Certified Coach, or click here to book a call to see if it’s right for you.


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