Cindy-lee, 22 years old from Donnybrook, has always been passionate about agriculture. Still, with no farming background or experience, she felt as if her dreams of having a career within the industry were out of reach. At 18, She acquired a job as a stockwoman at Paradise Enterprises. They took a chance on Cindy and provided her with an opportunity to have a career within the Beef Industry.   

“I was in tears at least once a day for the first few months, but with very few people given this opportunity, I dug deep and worked hard”. Cindy’s responsibilities were drafting cattle, performing sick treatments, and assisting with loadouts.  

18 months later she fell pregnant, life as she knew it was about to change. Cindy asked herself How am I supposed to be a mum and have this career? How am I supposed to have a job?”.  

She gave birth to her son, Clancy, and it didn’t take long for her mind to wander, and she began to think about work again “Just having a few hours to myself, in my job and with the cattle believe it or not, helped me mentally become myself again.” After a year of doing a few hours here and there, Cindy went back to work part-time, two days a week, where the idea for Empowered by Agriculture started to cultivate in her mind.  

This year Cindy was announced as one of the winners of the ABC Heywire competition. Cindy success has helped her share her story about becoming a young mum, following her dream and created Empowered by Agriculture which will provide women with a unique and hands-on workshop experience. She is covering all things paddock to plate in both practical and theoretical type learning. Cindy states the project has three goals: “To help the women that attend grow their PASSION, KNOWLEDGE and CONFIDENCE in their role along the beef supply chain.”    

The workshops are set up as a two-day event held four times within six months between November and April, incorporated with a cocktail networking event in the final workshop to celebrate participates future careers in Agriculture and possibly provide them with that first step into the industry.  

Cindy also stated, “This is also a great networking opportunity for all of us in agriculture in the southwest/great southern region!”. The networking event will be open to local farmers and producers, and those in the supply chain attend to increase networking capacity.  

Cindy says, “The best thing about our industry is the fact we all work together to achieve the same goal, to feed the world. Let’s celebrate this and help each other out”. 

Hear more from Cindy here 

Empowered by Agriculture Workshop Series is now taking applications. Please find the application form on the webpage: Applications close 17th September 2021.