Familiar with the dance of shifting sheep, opening gates, walks under the stars and washing the dust off her face, Tanya grew up on a farm in the Central West of NSW. Tanya has flown across the country in the pursuit of a career in dance and was thankful for the opportunity to join the State’s premier contemporary dance company, Co3Australia after graduating from WAAPA in 2016. Tanya has been a Company Artist for Co3 Australia and now has stepped into a Project Co-ordinator role; allowing her to feed her passion of working with community and youth.  

Tanya made her black bird last week, as part of the Co3 Australia’s The Bird Makers Project. This project is an online global initiative devised by Raewyn Hill and Naoko Yoshimoto. During a time in our world that is uncertain and unstable, this project provides a unique opportunity to connect in a way that provides a purposeful, creative and reflective experience. Suitable for beginner and advanced sewers, you will be guided through online resources to create a single black bird made from your own donated piece of clothing. 

All of these black birds collected will fly as representatives of the stories, memories and histories of the many humans that make up our world, one being yourself. These birds and their stories will migrate together to become the set for Co3 Australia’s “Archives of Humanity” production in 2021.

Passionate about the stories of regional Australians being shared in the cities, Tanya encourages all who have the time to come join the flock! “I remember growing up, we were in the middle of nowhere, but somehow we always would have someone coming over for a cuppa unannounced. We gave each other time and it was in those conversations, those sharing of stories, that we were able to support and be there for one another. And now that I live in the city, those stories still actually inform my conversations, decisions and what I highlight to those around me as important.”

Whether you are able to invite a few friends over for a sew and a cuppa, or you would rather be more involved in the online community, we would love for you to fly with us.

Fly with us, as we strive to give all voices value and a chance to share their story.

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