Over 100 RRR women in WA in the past 20 years have submitted applications to the Rural Women’s Awards (RWA). There has been more than 60 project ideas that have either gone on to win the RWA for that year or have been finalists and progressed in some way. Each project has had a journey and such stories ought to be shared. This is because they are motivating, and they encapsulate the passion, innovation and talent that resides in our rural regional and remote parts of WA. 

Tanya Kitto’s 2019 project was to value-add lupins into an easy to use food for people.  Lupins have been in the agricultural sphere for many years and many farmers know how good they are to feed to their animals, but Tanya wanted people to also benefit from them.  So, after much research, product development & many rejections Tanya decided to create a brand to launch her own range of Bake at Home Kits all based around wholemeal lupin flour being the star ingredient.  

“I wanted to bring quality food to people who don’t have a choice.  The gluten free market is full of sugar and highly processed white flours with not a lot of nutrition. Lupin can help in that situation, so all our mixes are gluten as well as dairy free.  I bring gluten free food to people that is easy to use, tastes delicious & is actually good for you” said Tanya. 

Tanya’s project has been on the up and up since the Rural Women’s Awards.  There was never a doubt that Tanya was always going to continue with it afterwards, regardless of a win as it has been something that Tanya and her family have been working on for many years. 

Her years of dedicated work has resulted in a new product to the market – Lupin Anzac Biscuit mix and her our sales are continuing to grow at a steady rate. 

The unexpected and additional bonus has been that Tanya and her husband have been encouraged to share their knowledge and dedication with other farmers.  Together they have spoken at several events discussing the Lupin project and how it connects to Tanya’s personal health and wellbeing journey.   

Tanya spoke of what she gained from her Rural Women’s Award experience. She spoke of invaluable connections with women,face to face contact with women in a similar situation to herself,being business minded and wanting to get an idea out into the world,wanting to connect people together and sharing the passion and dedication of showcasing her expertise. 

For more information about Tanya’s business and product visit her website www.myprovincialkitchen.com.au.