The RRR Network Board consists of 8 diverse women that span Western Australia. Their skills, experience and personalities are driving a robust organisation that is relevant and influential. Our CEO – Kendall asked Georgina (Gina) a few questions about herself and her connection to the RRR Network. 

Where do you call home?
I was born in Carburup River, raised in Busselton and later Schooled in Bunbury, so I call the South West home. I returned the region in 2018 after a decade of study, work and travel. I feel so fortunate to live and work in the region. I love the mix of living in an incredibly beautiful natural environment, having an agrarian lifestyle and being a part of warm, open minded and creative community. I was raised here by a farmer and an artist – that truly showed me the most of all our region has to offer. As a working professional, I am also able to pursue work that is engaging and dynamic in Bunbury. I feel so fortunate to live and work in the South West of Western Australia.

Where do you work?
I work as the Future Student Engagement Coordinator at Edith Cowan Universities South West (Bunbury) Campus. I work with prospective students from across the South West region,  sharing information with them on tertiary education courses, pathways and all things university. You can often find me at a local high school, community event or at our beautiful bush land campus having a good chat with someone about the opportunities available to them. I love that the work I do directly affects my community, making education more accessible in the region.

When were you first introduced to the RRR Network?
Upon returning to the South West, a friend and creative Tessa at Cabin Creative told me of a recent client – the RRR Network. She told me they were the kind of women, doing the kind of work I love. Turns out, she was dead right! I still remember feeling nervous about attending the 2018 AGM alone, not knowing another soul in the room, but wanting to work with the organisation as I loved all they stood for and their work. It did not take me long to get talking and realise that the brilliant, vibrant and diverse group were open, engaging and keen to welcome new faces.

Why did you become a RRR Network board member?
I want to actively contribute supporting and advocating for a community that shares my values and is committed to RRR WA Women. I love that this organisation gets out there and tackles the hard stuff. I love that we are willing to try things and support our people. I find being a part of the team so rewarding, and hope to continue to see the organisation bloom.

What has been the most inspirational or outstanding experience since being with the RRR Network?
It’s hard to pick a moment. Every few months I walk away from an ingenious event or workshop feeling refreshed and grateful. A clear highlight was hearing the vulnerable and real shared stories of my community during the Voices Community Workshops. I attended the Busselton session in 2019 and found it deeply insightful. I thought I knew the town and community well, but through hearing the stories and issues of those around me I began to understand a little more of the depth to the social issues in my region.