RRR Network Mentoring Program is now closed for 2020.

This program is supported and designed by industry professional and mentoring expert Dee Roche.

The program is philosophically linked to our values and aims to provide a demonstration of how these values are lived-out particularly through engagement and collaboration.

This program was offered exclusively to RRR Network members only for just $139!

We were able to offer this heavily discounted price because of the support we have received from industry professional and mentoring expert Dee Roche to make this program a reality.

Join the RRR Network in building capacity and confidence of WA RRR women.

 Prior to enrolling in the program the following guidelines should be read by mentors and mentees. They do not constitute a formal agreement, but importantly are required to be understood by both parties.

  • The mentoring relationship is entirely voluntary for both parties.
  • Mentoring has no hierarchy and based on a partnership of mutual respect.
  • Mentoring has no rules rather two irrefutable facts of ‘Confidentiality and Mutual Accountability’.
  • At the outset, the roles of mentor and mentee should be agreed so that both parties have a clear understanding of their role. An ‘Orientation’ session will be conducted to explain the ground rules and responsibilities of both mentors and mentees. Confidential on-going support will also be provided to both mentors and mentees as required throughout the program.
  • Mentors are expected to respond to the mentee’s development needs, not impose their own agenda. The mentor’s role is to challenge and support the mentee and provide constructive and appreciative feedback.
  • If either or both parties feel at any stage that the mentoring relationship is not going well, it can be terminated at any time but has to be discussed first ensuring mutual respect and understanding.
  • The minimum time commitment is for mentees and mentors to attend the orientation sessions (1.5 hours) and to meet a minimum of once a month (1hour) over a 6 month period.
  • Whilst every effort will be made to make the best possible match, it may not be possible to do this in every instance, especially if demand is particularly high.
  • Mentors and mentees must attend the mentoring information session webinar on 22nd September 2020

As this program is now closed we wish our mentors and mentees all the best in their journey ahead. 

At the conclusion of the 6 month program there will be a Graduation Celebration held in Perth. Details provided closer to the date.

If you have queries, please contact us on (08) 6316 0407 

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