Join our movement of passionate RRR women who seek equality, opportunity and recognition.

Anyone can become a member of the RRR Network. You can even be living in the city and it’s also open to men!

There are now 5 options for RRR Network Members, with membership starting July 1 though to June 30 2021.

All members, regardless of their membership tier, will have equal access to Newsletters and fortnightly Updates, Free Webinars, and invitations to assist us on our advocacy and research of RRR women. However, with each level, the benefits, engagement and opportunities grow and develop.

Projects, research and events in any year are determined by opportunity, funding or RRR Network requests and with these come professional development opportunities, volunteering, consulting, lobbying and engagement with and for our members.

Your support keeps the RRR Network going – thank you.

By joining the RRR Network, you acknowledge that you have read and agree with the RRR Constitution. The RRR Network retains the right to not approve memberships. 

Membership and Contributor Types

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