The RRR Network has been listening to it’s members, and thanks to the input of over 360 regional women, have helped compile the Women’s Voices Plan by the Department of Communities. It’s now available to read HERE.


Being a RRR Member means EXCLUSIVE discounts to a number of events across the state.


The Telstra Go Repeater is a device designed to extend and maximise mobile coverage and improve voice quality and data speeds to your car, boat, home or place of work.
The device comes in two versions: a stationary version to provide better coverage at a permanent location, such as around farm buildings or at home, and a portable version to boost coverage in vehicles. The portable version is suitable if you travel between coverage areas or through areas of patchy mobile coverage. The stationary version is designed to resolve issues where an indoor signal may be weak or lacking.

The Telstra Go Repeater can be purchased on monthly repayment plan or can be bought outright. The portable version ($864 – full price) includes an external magnetic mount antenna and internal antenna. We recommend installation by an auto-electrician.

The stationary version ($816 – full price) requires an external antenna at an additional cost and it should be professionally installed by Telstra or our partner.

The Telstra Go Repeater is designed to work without interfering with the overall mobile network. This is very different to illegal mobile repeater devices that don’t have the internal protection of Telstra approved devices. Illegal devices can also cause major interference on the network, so it is important to only use Telstra approved network extension devices like the Telstra Go Repeater.

RRR members can receive a $200 discount till the 31st October.


The RRR has partnered with Crown to offer Members a discount on accommodation at all 3 hotels.