Born and bred in Albany in the Great Southern, I met my now husband Peter in Albany while he was doing an apprenticeship. I had not even heard about Ravensthorpe, but apparently there was such a place and that’s where my husband was going to take me.
Kuibrook was our destination, 40km west of Ravensthorpe to work on the farm with Pete’s parents, cropping canola, barley and wheat and grazing cattle and sheep. Since being on the farm, the acreage has grown and so has the machinery or should I say toys. It took a long time to fit in and learn to love the place but I can now say that I do. I love the space, the community, all my friends and the sport. We have so many opportunities and everything is done as a family which I love.
There were some major hurdles along the way. I was diagnosed with breast cancer aged 27 years old in 2000, which was a major shock to everyone. Nursing at the time, I have never gone back to it. I had to have surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, which was quite a difficult task because of the distance we had to travel. Many of the other women going through the same thing were all in their 50s and 60s, but we got through it.
The next hurdle was that, after all that treatment, the chances of having a family were very low.
Not someone to let that stand in my way, with lots of positive thinking from myself and Pete, we have since had four children, for whom we are so grateful: Heath was born in 2002, Amber in 2004, Jasmine in 2005 and Ella in 2008.With the children growing up, I have finally started to do a couple of things for myself. I work one day a week at the local school as an Education Assistant which I love.
I have also just started up a website which has been a passion of mine for many years. I love clothing and, being on a farm 250km away from the nearest clothes’ shops, I had turned to online shopping. I thought hang on, I can do this myself, so I did. I wanted to create a site that offered a good choice at great prices but good quality and to stock a large range of labels, which is slowly coming together.
Working from home and fitting it all in around the kids is exhilarating. It is very early days yet but I love every minute of it.I never thought in my wildest dreams that I was going to end up on a farm, but I have and I love it. I am looking forward to the future and all that it is going to bring.
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