By Renee Manning

It started in Merredin. After moving around the south west, Kirsty Mackenzie is back and, along with sister Adelle, is pursuing her creative dream.

Kirsty Mackenzie’s journey has taken her from being born in Merredin, to Perth, to Albany, to Mount Barker and back to Merredin.
Kirsty’s recent return to her place of birth has meant she is much closer to her family, with baby sitters close by to care for her youngest child while she pursues her creative dreams.
In her own words, she is a “farm living wife and mum obsessively creating original designs from recycled clothing and fabric”. This is the reason she calls her business “Obsessive Creative Designs”.
It has taken a while, but the Merredin community has gotten used to Kirsty’s penchant for all things quirky and original. It can be a confronting sight to see a blonde haired, blue eyed grown woman walking down the main street in a wearable art pieces.

Whether it is an award winning wearable art hessian sack dress, a full blown up-cycled princess style wedding dress, to formal cocktail wear, you can be assured there are some heads turning.
Recently, this attention seeking has all been in the interest of charity, with her recent “Frocktober” experience seeing her raise $1700 for ovarian cancer. Kirsty likes to ensure she supports and acknowledges those local businesses that have supported her along the way.
Kirsty is inspired by her surroundings, her community and her family, as well as a widening network of fashion forward people with whom she collaborates and networks over the internet.
Though challenging living in a regional area, Kirsty is aiming to fill a niche market for tailor made clothing in the Wheatbelt and beyond. Her amazing determination will ensure she is on the fashion map.Networks are important, and Kirsty’s sister Adelle Cousins is helping her expand her own network. Also an ex Merredin girl, Adelle moved to Perth in 2007 to follow her creative dream. Six years of hard work has seen Adelle establish herself as a force to be reckoned with (or followed on Twitter at least) in the fashion and photography world. A fickle place to find a niche, Adelle recently launched her own label, “Where the Styled Things Are”, which was recently selected for a coveted place in the “Restyle” Perth Fashion Festival .Her assignment has been blogging about a theme-a-day op shop restyle challenge. It is amazing what you can do with $10 from Good Sammy. This fantastic competition is about supporting charity as much as being fashionable.

Adelle has also been named as the Gen Y blogger of the year for the website She is also thinking of applying for Big Brother.
Kirsty says that living in Merredin is fantastic, but it has its challenges, including contending with a backyard full of lambs she cannot bear to turn away, and some degree of isolation.
She is building her networks through linking up with the Wheatbelt Business Networks, Professional and Business Women’s Group, and also collaborating very closely with her sister in developing her online presence.