Dayna Edwards had a simple plan, to help businesses manage job-cuts with empathy, and to assist those seeking to gain new employment.

In 2015 with a career abruptly ended by redundancy, Dayna Edwards was compelled to begin something that would help people and allow her to meet the needs of her young family.
She began her company – Get Hired Australia in 2016, with a laptop on the dining table and with two children under three years old underfoot. Her plan was simple. Create a sustainable business that helped businesses manage job-cuts with the market downturn with empathy, and to assist those who lost their jobs to gain new employment.
Dayna has ridden the roller coaster of a small start-up business with the enthusiasm, madness and sheer will that it requires to where she stands now. That is, working in partnership with exciting and recognisable businesses in Western Australia and nationally.
Her business has shifted from the dining room, to a commercial space in East Victoria Park where her staff has grown to five, of which one is her husband! Her company has transformed with the upswing in the market from managing redundancies to birth another company PeopleStart HR, the outsourced HR and recruitment function for businesses in the mining, agriculture and NFP sectors.
“A core part of our business is working with mining and agriculture clients. Their projects and customer base are in some of the most remote parts of the country, stretching from Broome all the way down to the south coast in Albany. I often travel to remote areas where our mining projects are and love meeting the locals, especially in the north west which is unfamiliar territory for me”.
Dayna grew up on a wheat and sheep farm in Dumbleyung. Community spirit, helping others, being honest, and doing the right thing was ingrained in her as a young girl. Dayna firmly believes that these are the markings of having a successful rural community. You can tell that it is these very traits that have elevated her career and company to a competitive corporate height.

By the close of 2016, Dayna had helped more than two hundred people secure employment. By 2018, the face of her company was nearly unrecognisable. Peoplestart facilitated
a $8 million government funded Aboriginal Training program in the Tanami Desert; a national benchmark providing opportunities in an area with the highest socio-economic disadvantage in the country. They were also the sole personnel supplier to a newly developed mine site, that is projected to see Australia become the largest producer of a rare earth mineral outside of China, in turn bringing new revenue streams to Western Australia.
On a far more personal note, Dayna developed a passion
for Aboriginal affairs when she became a foster carer and undertook cultural awareness training ten years ago. She found opportunity when working in human resources to focus on diversity targets, and see if she could make a difference in the employment of Aboriginals in remote areas. Today, it still only represents a small part of her job, but she believes in the difference that employment makes to an individual, to their sense of emotional and mental wellbeing, their sense of pride and value in themselves.
“This is incredibly important for Aboriginal people who are often overlooked for roles or live in remote areas where there is a lack of jobs. In a recent project we hired seven local Aboriginal people from an extremely remote community and that’s almost $1million worth of income a year, now going into that community that wasn’t before, that’s pretty cool”.
Dayna’s company three years in has already made a significant and meaningful difference to hundreds state-wide. “Employment means hope for the future and pride in self, and that has far reaching effects for family and community” said Dayna. With values such as these, Dayna is certain to have a long and successful future ahead.